Prashanti Nilayam — Puttaparti It was my dream since spring time to visit Puttaparti, Satya Sai Baba’s birth place. I made it on October 20th 2018. I am blessed to stay in puttaparti for somedays. I found Satya sai baba ashram I.e. Prashanti Nilayam very different from other temples I visited till date. There are so many amazing things that amazed me inside an ashram. Foremost thing was " No offerings " written on the side of entry gate of each temple inside the ashram.We don’t need to offer coconut, money or any other materialistic things. We can go empty hand to receive blessings of satya sai baba. I admire and like such culture in puttaparti. Not only hindu but other religions like muslims, and christians visits puttaparti for sai baba’s darshan. Thus, sai dhara means sarva dharma that unites every religion. Prashanti Nilayam is not only about religion and devotion but it is about karma as well. People residing in Puttaparti are engaged in day to day services inside the ashram. Through the services and extra curriculum activities done in the ashram people’s of various age group and academic/non-academic qualifications are getting abundance of benefits to develop their interpersonal and communication skills. No one stay idle expecting fruits that is somewhat common in religious point of view. I see Prashanti Nilayam not only as religious place but also as the modern concept of social entrepreneurship where people are engaged in providing selfless services and as well as earning their livelihood by the grace of bhagwan satya sai baba. Baba never said leave everything and come to me; rather he said "carry out your worldly activities with full energy but don’t forget god as god resides in every living being, god let you follow right conduct, god grants you peace and prosperous life “.

Prashanti Nilayam — Puttaparti
Prashanti Nilayam — Puttaparti

I wear pretty dress,
I wear accessories,
I put makeups,
I am a woman,
It's my own choice.

I am sensitive,
I am emotional,
I am soft hearted,
I am loving,
I am caring,
I am a mother,
It's gift of nature.

I am understanding,
I am loyal,
I am trustworthy,
I am affectionate,
I am responsible,
I am caring,
I am a wife,
It's my nature.

I learned invaluable lessons,
about work,
parenting, relationships, and
I got enlightened parenting.

I am strong,
I am confident,
I am fierce and full of fire ;
Do you understand ???
You raper ???
Yes you !!!!

"Wo -man "
Respect her,
Not only because she is a woman,
But because she is the one who made man



Like a flower regard purity; indeed wholesome,

That patch where it proliferates,

And the fragrance it spreads,

inherits the celestial sphere; glorify the earth,

you inhale peace,

you exhale worry,

Releases to serene state,

And that is the pleasing nature,

Like a heart in human; plant flower in it,

You inhale fragrance, you inhale peace,

That is a divine state,

Indeed a divine state.